World record at the photo summit, the longest photo with 108 m

Despite adverse weather conditions:

Only a few meters remain to be printed before the world record can be entered into the Guinness Book of Records

.... originates at present on the Oberstdorfer ski jump, where the best ski jumpers of the world sail before thousands of spectators into the AUDI arena, the longest photo of the world. The goal is 108 m. At midnight Jochen Kohl pressed the start button of the Imageprograf Pro 6100 which, with a working width of 152 cm, continuously produces picture after picture. The action is connected with an appeal for donations for the Oberstdorf association "Schaut hin" Verein für Kinder- und Opferhilfe e.V, .

When I visited this morning at 11 a.m., more than half of the 108 m print length I had aimed for had already been produced. The rain can't harm the pictures, because you print on an Ilford synthetic paper.

However, the team around Jochen Kohl, supported by Uwe Janke (Ilford) and employees of the Oberstdorf community, had their hands full to get the track, which sticks to the ski jump when it rains, on its way down. Since the wetness repeatedly sucked the material onto the surface of the ski jump, the coordinated use of many hands was necessary to get the material produced from above down towards the ski jump table.

Canon is rightly proud that the printer can handle this mammoth task without any problems at temperatures of around 3 degrees on the hill.